Here’s what real people are saying about one of our most popular hacks… Diet Hacking. From vegetarians to carnivores and busy parents to young professionals, everyone’s trying it.

Sophie, vegetarian and Mum from North Yorkshire, says…

“Being a stay-at-home-working-mum, fitness fanatic and wife of a chef means our household is always busy. I find myself being a reactive person these days rather than organised, which doesn’t feel good.

I tend to shop daily for healthy food to feed the family but this often costs a lot and as I am a vegetarian and intolerant to cheese, it means that I get stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking.

Quorn and vegetables are always on the menu and I’m a sucker for a simple thrown together stir-fry (even better if the stir-fry is pre-cut in a bag).

As my husband, a MasterChef quarter-finalist, is a lot more adventurous in the kitchen, he refuses to eat my food. This annoys me as I’m naturally a feeder.

But we have finally found a solution which means I get to cook healthily, spend smarter and feed the whole family (including hubby) yummy nutritious food.

Mama Mei Review
A tasty Thai feast for all the family (even hubby)

And the verdict…

I was sceptical starting this as I get so overwhelmed by my weekly to-do list so the thought of adding another element was daunting. I was pleasantly surprised, however, because meal planning and shopping this way actually saved me a lot of time and money.

I found mealtimes less stressful. We could all eat the same dishes for once and my food finally tasted amazing and looked good. I would definitely recommend this to busy families who want to eat healthily on a budget.”

Graeme and Jo, young professionals from London, said…

“The customer service is excellent. We chose our favourite style of cooking and requested items like toiletries, and along with cooking instructions, they arrive at the front door each week. It’s fantastic for us leading busy lives.”

Dee from Aberdeenshire says…

“My lovely assistant found me some tasty recipes online and sent them along with the shopping list so I could check to see if I had any ingredients already at home as well as happy with the order.

He then ordered it on Tesco’s website for me and all I had to do was log in and enter my 3 digit credit card code (don’t worry they won’t have access to that). Shopping day arrived and I had everything I needed for the week ahead for my meals as well as cat food, toothpaste, kitchen roll, etc. Nothing was missed off which is something I do a lot. I quite often end up having to drive to my local Tesco and pick up whatever it is I missed off.

Life Of Dee Review
Fully stocked cupboards this week, thanks to Dee’s assistant

Another thing I used to be bad for was ordering in my weekly shopping and then order a takeaway as I couldn’t be bothered cooking. As some of these recipes only take 15-30 minutes to make, it is less than the time it would take to drive to a takeaway, wait for my order and drive back to eat it. Plus much healthier.

It is quite flexible too as you can miss a week or two if you are away on holiday and arrange to have your shopping delivered for when you get back.

With the meal plans, I tried dishes that I would never have thought of eating; I have eaten curries, Moroccan dishes, stews, etc instead of the usual things I would eat. The only downside that I came across was the fresh herbs ordered for the dishes were only needed for one or two meals and I had five different bags of herbs. It would be better to try and minimise food waste by planning the meals so they could include the same ingredients rather than buy different herbs for each meal. Other than that everything else was used up during the week and I never even had to go to the supermarket to pick up something that was forgotten.”

Claire, a single-parent, said…

“One-month in and it’s taught me a lot of things that I never expected it too. Yes, as expected, it helps me eat better. It was not expected that it would also help us save money and even understand how food affects my body.”

FromMe2U Review
A few simple ingredients for a delicious, healthy meal

Mick and Jan from the North East said…

Unbelievably easy, with healthy recipes and the ingredients delivered to the door. It’s easy to follow with the end result being a delicious meal without all the fuss of the planning and shopping.”

Ruth, vegetarian, coeliac and Mum, says…

“The idea of someone else planning my meals was great, no more looking through cookbooks all the time to get out of the food rut. I was happy for someone to plan and create my shopping list.

I had my reservations over some of the recipes with the kids but we stuck to the meal plan and ate some great meals. The second week I changed our choices a bit and asked for less spicy meals and we missed out Sunday as we were planning to eat out.

Final thoughts…

We really enjoyed eating different ideas each week and having the menu planned and the shopping list generated really cut down on food waste and stress… I think this is something I would opt for as a great fuss-free option for getting the shopping and the dinner time ideas sorted. If only I could then find someone to cook it for me…”

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